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July 22, 2013 
Katie Wallace, Chair
Christine Barber, Endorsements Co-Chair


Adam Sweeting (Ward 3) and Paul Bockelman (Ward 6) endorsed for re-election. Steve Roix endorsed in Ward 1, Dan Futrell endorsed in Ward 2, and Carrie Normand endorsed in Ward 7, while members are split on Ward 5 endorsement. 

Somerville, MA. The Progressive Democrats of Somerville (PDS) has endorsed several candidates in what promises to be a lively School Committee election, scheduled for this coming fall. 

PDS members voted to endorse both Adam Sweeting and Paul Bockelman for re-election. Each has earned the PDS endorsement before, and each brings valuable experience and perspective to the Committee. Mr. Sweeting, Committeeman for Ward 3 since 2008, and Mr. Bockelman, Committeeman for Ward 6 since 2006, have both brought informed, progressive perspectives to the Committee. PDS members continue to support them in their work. 

PDS members voted to endorse Steve Roix in Ward 1. Mr. Roix is making expansion of the Community Liaison program a priority to help reach out to the diverse population of Ward 1 and increase parental involvement. PDS is confident that he will be an effective advocate for the people of the first Ward. 

Dan Futrell, whom PDS members enthusiastically voted to endorse in Ward 2, would bring to the Committee not only budgeting and organizational experience gained as Director of Operations at the nonprofit Year Up, where he helps to provide technical and communication skills to low-income young adults, but also the leadership experience he gained during two deployments to Iraq as an Infantry Captain in the U.S. Army. 

By a wide margin, PDS also voted to endorse Ward 7 candidate Carrie Normand. Ms. Normand has a strong background in advocacy, both professionally and personally. PDS is confident that she will be a powerful voice for parents throughout Somerville, and particularly parents of children with special needs. 

In the Ward 5 race, PDS members were impressed by both Laura Pitone and Ross Richmond, with some members going so far as to suggest endorsing both candidates. Nevertheless, neither candidate reached the two-thirds majority which is necessary to earn PDS’ endorsement, so unfortunately we cannot issue an endorsement in this race. However, members expressed enthusiasm about both Ms. Pitone and Mr. Richmond, and PDS collectively feels that Ward 5 would be lucky to be represented by either candidate. 

PDS invited all School Committee candidates to respond to our questionnaire, which included general questions regarding what the overall guiding principles of the school system should be, as well as more specific matters like the candidates’ feelings about charter schools. More than 50 people attended the PDS School Committee candidate forum on Tuesday, July 9th, 2013, and provoked a thoughtful discussion. The candidates’ responses to the questionnaire are posted in their entirety at http://www.pdsomerville.org/node/228.

"PDS really appreciates all of the candidates who attended the forum to answer questions from members of the community, said Christine Barber, PDS Endorsement Co-Chair. "We look forward to working to get these candidates elected this fall." 

PDS will be holding a Ward Alderman endorsement forum on Tuesday, July 23rd at Kesher Center, and an Alderman-at-Large forum later in the summer.


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