Revising the No Child Left Behind Act: Issue by Issue

Reposted from EdWeek, June 16, 2015  -  by Alyson Klein 


The U.S. Senate has voted to pass a bipartisan bill to rewrite the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which hasn't gotten a facelift since 2002, when then-President George W. Bush signed the law's current version, the No Child Left Behind Act. Now the legislation will have to go to conference with a bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this month.

And lawmakers have a lot of key issues to discuss—including whether the updated law should include a preschool program, whether states should be able to allow federal funding to follow students to the school of their choice, and just how states should measure school performance.

How are the bills different from each other? And how do they compare to the existing version of the law, as well as the Obama administration's NCLB waivers, which are currently in place in 42 states and the District of Columbia?

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Urban Districts Embrace Social-Emotional Learning

Reposted from EdWeek, June 9, 2015  -  by Evie Blad 


Madison Reid, a student in a combined 2nd and 3rd grade classroom, leads a discussion on good listening with her classmates during a morning session at Cleveland’s Wade Park Elementary School. Such classroom exercises are part of Cleveland’s districtwide social-emotional learning plan. —Dustin Franz for Education Week

In a kindergarten classroom at Wade Park Elementary School this spring, students huddled around their teacher in a tight circle while she held up cards that said "proud" and "ashamed" and explained to them what it's like to feel those emotions.

"I felt proud when I graduated from college," she said.

The children had started the day by writing one-word descriptions of their emotions on the classroom's whiteboard, completing the prompt, "Today I feel," with words like "happy," "love," and "tired" in shaky penmanship.

The simple morning classroom exercises are a small part of a data-driven, districtwide social-emotional learning plan in Cleveland that aims to boost students' ability to make responsible decisions, regulate their own emotions and behavior, and build healthy relationships with their peers.

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Superintendent's FY16 Budget: What's in it?

Superintendent Pierantozzi presented his FY2016 budget to the School Committee and the community on May 13. Here are a few highlights I pulled out. I'd love to hear any comments you may have below before our final vote on Tuesday, May 26. As always, I appreciate your engagement.

This summary is not meant to be exhaustive so if you'd like to see the original documents please visit the Finance & Facilities Subcommittee website.


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